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5 Important eCommerce Trends That Will Dominate the Online World This 2020

1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is expected to set new standards in the world of ecommerce. Several years
ago, artificial intelligence tools were expensive. Now, with the emergence of machine learning,
the different benefits of artificial intelligence can be utilized even by medium- to small-sized

2. Social Media

Learning how to build an online store in Malaysia can be overwhelming, but with the help of
social media, it can be made simpler and more convenient. Social media platforms like Facebook
and Twitter can now participate in ecommerce transactions without leaving their social media

3. Automation

At this day and age, almost anything and everything can already be automated. Automation is a
trend that can be utilized by retailers worldwide. At present, automation is utilized in delivery,
marketing, warehouse management, delivery and direct sales. From the initial processes to the
last steps, automation can improve the customer impressions significantly.

4. Product deliveries

This 2020, more people will depend on deliveries. When it comes to a wonderful online
shopping experience, delivery efficiency matters a lot. If you are running your own online
business, you know very well that customers love same-day deliveries. Having pick-up points is
also good option.

5. Mobile commerce

Mobile commerce is rapidly developing a lot faster compared to other ecommerce industries
combined. There is always a way to make the experience of your customers better. Creating an
app for your own business is one thing you can do. Accessing an app is always more convenient,
and better than opening a browser.