Building a Profitable Affiliate Marketing Website

Are you thinking of setting up an affiliate marketing venture in Malaysia? That is an amazing idea, since people can now earn an incredible amount of money online. 

Creating Content Online

Affiliate marketing, you pick a product or service that you like, and recommend it to people by creating content online. You can earn a commission when a person buys it through your referrals. However, before choosing affiliate products, you must first create a website and establish a follower base. 

Creating an affiliate website is now easier, thanks to web builders like WordPress. Then, create regular content, and optimize your pages, so it would generate lots of traffic. 

Select A Niche Market

One of the first decisions you must make at the start of your affiliate marketing career is to select a niche market for your website. You must build content around that niche market. The most convenient way to promote is to join affiliate programs such as ShareASale, Commission Junction and Amazon Associates. 

After picking a product, you will get your own affiliate link. Use this affiliate link on your website by including it on different blog posts. 

Organize and Manage Affiliate Links

WordPress can help you organize and manage all of your affiliate links. ThirstyAffiliates, an affiliate link management plugin, is the perfect tool for every affiliate marketer. It allows you to place all affiliate links in one place, so replacing and finding them would be easier.

Just because your affiliate website is already up doesn’t mean that you will immediately start earning commissions without any effort. You need to make sure that attracting the right people. Optimizing to improve commissions and conversions is also important. With hard work and patience, your commissions and website traffic will improve over time. 

To improve your revenue, you need to monitor your affiliate links regularly in Google Analytics. By doing this, you can figure out your top earning web pages, most profitable traffic sources and more content opportunities. 

Affiliate Marketing 101

The Best Affiliate Programs for Beginners

1.Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates is a popular affiliate program, and a huge online shop. Whatever niche you are working on, you can turn to this platform for new affiliate products you can promote. If you sign up to this program, you can also promote their Prime membership and Kindle program.

If you become their affiliate, just make sure to abide by their strict rules.


Do you want to be a successful affiliate marketer in Malaysia? Check out Skimlinks. It is a good program for beginners! You just need to paste its code on your website, then it will automatically turn each link into a unique affiliate link, maximizing your revenue opportunities.


KeySearch is a reliable keyword research tool bloggers can use to improve your SEO strategy. By promoting this to them, you can earn a significant amount of commission. What’s amazing is that any person can qualify for their program.


Join the vast ClickBank affiliate program, and then you can look for products that your audience would love. This platform is one of the most popular, trusted affiliate programs, so rest assured that your experience with them would be smooth and wonderful.


Are you interested in signing up for ConvertKit? In this affiliate program, you can receive a 30% recurring commission each month.