Eating Fruits To Gain Weight

Since the pandemic began, we can see that many are sharing their experience and ideas about losing weight but it is rare to see anything related to gaining weight. Are you struggling to lose some weight but never found the type of food you needed to help you with it? Do not worry as we have got you covered. It is a common belief that everyone wants to lose weight, but we at most times fail to notice that there are people out there struggling to gain weight. Usually, when it comes to consuming the types of food to gain weight, fruits are either the last option or never made it to the list. However, there are plenty of fruits that can actually help you to gain some of that weight you wanted. 

Some of the fruits that can help you are:


Mango is known to have a notable profile for its sweetness. It is a good supply of calories that are needed for you to gain weight. In addition to that, mango also contains vitamins A, B and E which not only help us to gain some weight but also to maintain good health. Mango can be consumed on its own as diced fruits, but you can also make it into juices as an enjoyable drink during the summer heat.


Banana is the topmost choice to gain some of that weight you wanted. This is because, besides being a very nutritious fruit, it is also the best supply of calories that you need to gain weight. Bananas can also help. Instead of consuming bananas on their own, you can consume them with some oatmeal and yoghurts to a tastier option. You can also make a banana smoothie with some bananas, milk, almond and honey. 


From the Instagram influencers to our close friends, we have all heard about the benefits of consuming avocado. We all know that avocados help with losing weight, but do you know that it also helps with gaining weight? You might be curious about why that is. This is because avocados are calorie focused and contain a higher content of healthy fats which is essential in helping us to gain weight. There are a variety of ways of consuming avocado from making an avocado salad to using it as a spread for sandwiches. You can also make an avocado smoothie to keep you company as a hydrating drink during your busy day.

Hope you have an understanding of how you can gain weight by consuming fruits. Do not forget to let your friends that are interested in gaining weight about this. Not only that, if you are too occupied with work to shop for some weight gaining fruits, fret not. You can always search for fresh fruits online delivery Malaysia to get some fruits you’ve wanted straight to your doorstep. This is a hassle-free option that is very helpful during the lockdown period.