5 Secrets of Wedding Planners

They are part time therapist, and part time planners.

90% of their tasks is therapy. In fact, one wedding planner recalls a late-night cold feet call from a bride-to-be, questioning her decision to marry. Moreover, there are many friends and family members who become upset throughout the wedding process. This turns the wedding planner to function as a counselor.

Never mention Pinterest.

Are you thinking of buying and wearing that cute bridal tiara from Malaysia? Chances are, you saw this item via Pinterest, and has been part of your dream wedding goals ever since. Do you know that there is no bigger red flag for a planner to hear that you have been planning your own wedding via Pinterest for the last 6 years? Some professionals charge an extra amount for brides who use non-professional plans.

Dodging flirty groomsmen is the one of the wedding planner’s biggest challenges.

It’s true that some groomsmen love hitting on wedding planners. Some planners say that groomsmen ask them to have a drink, dance or even go back to their hotel rooms with them. They deal well with it, though. For them, it’s just another part of the job.

Working with an experienced professional is worth it.

The wedding planning process is an overwhelming one. It’s okay if you want to work with a newly opened bridal shop, as long as you know that their planner can deliver. Choose someone who can deal with thousands of emails, hundreds of work hours, and more than 27 in-person meetings.

For the wedding planner, everything about your wedding is just a job.

Sure, you can enjoy the full bar, and dance the night away. However, wedding planners and coordinators are always working on the clock. You can invite her to relax, sit on the table and eat a good meal just like the rest of the other guests, but what she really wants is to go at the side room and have some “me time.”