4 Tips for Planning a Successful Corporate Event

Are you planning a corporate event anytime soon? Well, there are plenty of things you need to consider. You need to find the perfect venue, choose a good menu selection, and decide whether you will have giveaways. Make sure to brainstorm before planning any major step.

Below are 4 tips which can help you plan and organize an informative, memorable and fun event.

Incorporate a relevant, fun theme.

The theme is a very important aspect of an event. This is an opportunity to level up the excitement of your corporate occasion. Use the theme to make it even more cohesive, most especially if it will last for multiple days. Incorporate different activities, and focus even on the smallest details.

Identify your goals.

Inform, celebrate, educate, introduce, encourage behavior change or improve skills? Determine your event’s potential objectives and goals. This becomes the starting point of your event planning process. After identifying this one, you can set the budget, find an event venue, brainstorm new content and implement marketing approaches.

Your goal must be connected strategically with your business goals. This can improve your chances of success, and allows you to measure your ROI efficiently.

Keep your attendees and participants engaged in fun activities.

Do you want to teach your attendees some new skills? Explore new training approaches which demand active participation. Let them interact with each other all throughout the event. Learning by doing is an effective approach. Ideas can stay with them in a longer period of time, compared to typical PowerPoint presentations and hands-on activities. Always consider experiential learning.

Allow participants to engage in a conference setting. They should be able to get feedback from the facilitators. This is a good chance for them to refine and polish their skills.

Invest in retention strategies and tools.

If you are focusing on training your guests new information and skills, you need to have a plan to help them remember those things that they have learned. Invest in effective retention tools.

Below are some post-event retention materials that you can utilize:

  • Webinars or online videos which can serve as refreshers on training.
  • Online games which are interactive enough to test the participant’s retention and knowledge on some key concepts.
  • Group discussions exploring the solutions and challenges during the corporate event.
  • Online forums where the participants can post follow-up discussions and questions.

Make sure to incorporate retention tactics throughout the planning process. It can help you design various components that can support lasting learning.