How To Take Care of Yourselves During A Pandemic

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It has been almost one year since we have been alarmed by the spreading of coronavirus COVID-19 and it actually is making people scared of getting infected or dying due to the virus. That is why, the World Health Organisation or known as (WHO) has come out with a list of standard operating procedures so that we can curb this disease as fast as we can.

There are a lot of ways that you can take but it is actually one work for all which means everyone has to do the same thing in order to make sure that the spreading stops. Below, I will list down some of the steps that you and your family can take so there is less risk of infections towards everyone.

  1.       Take care of your physical health

Since this virus initially started with infecting people through water droplets, it gets straight to the lungs and that is not good. That is why, if you are not infected or have just recovered from the virus, make sure to take care of your physical health. Do regular indoor exercise if you are living in a neighbourhood with a lot of people or if you are living far away from other people, you can go outside and at least have a brisk walk.

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  1.       Eat healthy food

Viruses usually attack your immune system which means you have to make sure that you have great bacteria and antibodies. If you know that your antibody is not as strong as other people, make sure to monitor whatever it is that you are eating. Take vitamins like vitamin C, B-complex and Omega-3 but make sure to have prescriptions from your doctor because overuse of supplements or vitamins will cause you more harm. And that is the first thing you want to avoid during pandemic: going to the hospitals.

  1.       Follow the Standard Operation Procedures by the government

Wear your mask all the time if you are going outside to run a grocery or to dine-in at a restaurant or even if you are just strolling at the park. But don’t wear it during extreme workout, you don’t want to be out of breath. Do not make physical contacts such as touching your friends and hugging them.  Make sure to have a meter social distance to avoid the water droplets from other people and since it is now airborne, please consider all health matters before going out.

  1.       Stay at home

Yes. Stay at home especially if you don’t have any important things to do. It might be exhausting and suffocating for some people but that is by far the best solution that we have in order to prevent ourselves from getting infected. Schools and universities have long started open distance learning or online learning to reduce physical contacts. Companies and offices are also now allowing their employees to work from home and you might want to start playing online gambling Malaysia if you are someone who used to go to the casino every weekend.

Everything and every new norm that has been made was nothing but to keep everyone safe and to reduce the spreading of the virus. It has developed to become worse variants each time, so make sure you follow every SOP that has been stated by the governments and doctors.