What is a MIP fitting? Get It Properly Done

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MIP fittings are utilized in a variety of residential, commercial, and industrial pipe systems in conjunction with FIP fittings. Because the materials used to produce MIP fittings differ depending on the application, it’s critical to choose the right ones for each work. Before upgrading or installing MIP piping systems, verify with local authorities if you have professional piping training.

In a threaded piping system, the MIP and FIP components are necessary to make connections.


One of the two parts of a heavy-duty threaded pipe connection is a MIP fitting. Nipples, galvanized elbows, galvanized tees, galvanized crosses, galvanized couplings, galvanized unions, galvanized reducing couplings, galvanized reducing tees, galvanized 45 ° elbows, galvanized bushings, threaded tees, threaded elbows, etc. are some of the main goods.

Pipe fittings made of malleable iron have a variety of uses.

The products are widely utilized in water, oil, and gas pipeline connections, as well as in the construction, fire protection, chemical, and petroleum refining industries in the United States and abroad.

A new threading concept’s advantage

Internal threads are reinforced (free escape) and the fittings are corrosion resistant, increasing mechanical resistance.

MIP threaded pipe fittings are commonly used in heavy-duty piping in high-pressure systems, as well as piping that contains potentially hazardous gases like natural gas. Threaded pipes are frequently utilized to provide safe, watertight connections that may need to be disassembled in the future. For the natural gas and water supply connections, for example, flexible metal pipe along with threaded pipe fittings is commonly used to enable the replacement of a broken furnace or water heater.

iron pipe fittings malaysia


Despite the fact that threaded metal piping tightens at the ends to form a tighter union, a sealant is still required to ensure a solid connection. Many professionals use Teflon tape in addition to joint compound (lubricating gasket compound) to seal the threads of a MIP and FIP connection. The Teflon tape, when wrapped around the MIP component, produces a flexible, waterproof barrier that is easier to break later if necessary.

Local, national, and even worldwide building codes and ordinances often regulate the use of particular MIP and FIP connections and materials. For example, extremely flammable natural gas only can be carried through a heavy-duty iron or steel pipe, sometimes known as a black pipe, for security concerns. Before installing or changing potentially hazardous and pressurized threaded pipe systems, check with local authorities.

The cast iron flange can be found on the extremities of long lengths of straight pipe as well as on the smallest parts of pipe and fittings. Once the parts are in a very horizontal position, they should be fastened together. When tightening the flange bolts, the pipe may fracture or shatter if the height of one length of cast pipe differs significantly from the other. When the bolts are tightened, the flanges attempt to align in a straight line. The pipes will attempt to bend in a straight line with one other as a result, causing damage to one or both sides of the connection.

The majority of iron pipe fittings malaysia are available with or without a liner. A raw iron pipe is what an unlined pipe is. When used for water transport, ductile pipework and flanged type lined fittings are lined with a cement mortar liner. On the interior and outside of the pipe and fittings, an asphalt coating is included.

iron pipe fittings malaysia